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Most of the education around employee benefits is written by insurance companies or brokers who make commission. BeniQuest is the first platform created without misaligned incentives. The first lesson is a free overview of the available courses. It will help you determine if BeniQuest is right for you. Since we don’t want to waste your time, we will help guide you to the most important lessons based on your needs.

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HR Track

1.The $0 Deductible Health Plan

You will learn how to provide your employees with a Zero out-of-pocket health plan. You will be taught how to accomplish this in a way that reduces costs and increases the quality of the healthcare consumed by your employees.

2.How to get specialty medications for free

You will learn how fortune 500companies get expensive medications for free. This will lower your claims costs and lower your premium. How much is an expensive medication? They range anywhere from $500 to over $1,000,000. Over 90% of medications are less than $500. It’s the 10% that are over $500that need to be sourced properly. This is the lowest hanging fruit that is super simple to fix.

3.How to choose the right plan design

Plan design is extremely important to get right! Too many benefits or not enough can have a huge impact on the organization. There is no one size fits all. This lesson will guide you through questions that will shape your perfect plan design.

cfo track

1.How to reduce benefits costs by 23% or more.

It’s been said that CFO’s don’t want to pay for the plan that HR wants to launch and HR doesn’t want to implement the plan that the CFO is willing to pay for. The good news, is that you both can have your cake and eat it too. This lesson will review how to substantially lower cost while increasing benefits, access and quality. Your HR Department will love you and so will the CEO.

2.The main cause to premium increases and how to avoid it.

We get a renewal for 12% and then our broker magically negotiates it down to 4%.
Are they really that great at negotiating? Or, is the card up their sleeve? This lesson will teach you what the industry has kept silent for decades. You will not only learn the cause to your pain, but you will learn how to fix it. It’s actually a pretty simple formula.

3.How to get predictable renewals every year.

Most CFO’s value the word “predictable” but never equate it to their health insurance budget. What if you could? This lesson will teach you how to accomplish just that! Hold on, because this lesson is going to make you hate those golf outings.

General Employee Education

1.How to get your employer to pay for everything

Why would your employer pay more? They wouldn’t. So we’re going to show you how to save them so much money, they’ll cover all your expenses.

2.Plan coverages and gotchas.

In this lesson, we will review your plan design and some items that are not covered. We will also show you the secret entrance to your health plans best benefits.

3.How to avoid the Emergency Room financial trap set by hospitals.

Most hospitals have you or a spouse sign a stack of paperwork (may be digitalized) when you go to the ER. This lesson will show you one form that you should SKIP. The government gives you this right and the hospitals don’t want you to know about it.

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